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Oysters are harvested from pristine ocean waters off coast of Hiroshima.

Only the freshest and highest quality oysters are used to manufacture OY-EX and our other products.


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For many years, Oysters have been called Sea Milk or Sea Manna (based upon the biblical references to Manna in the book of Exodus.) Oysters have also been referred to as unpolished sea rice, and have been consumed as a valuable health food supplement around the world since ancient times of old.

Now, in the 21st century, we are able to offer the time proven benefits of Oysters, to customers around the world. By processing ocean fresh oysters, we are able to extract the highly nutritious Substance Z unique to oysters. This is the most highly effective nutritional element of oysters, rich in a high variety of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are condensed, dried and provided to our customers in a convenient pill form.

Substance Z contains many rich and effective elements. It has several physiological characteristics which can address many health and nutritional conditions. This is a key reason why users of Oyster Extract have reported such effective and quick improvements and results. Please consider Oyster Extract a food supplement, which is effective in providing superior nutritional benefits, and the natural health effectiveness which comes with good nutritional habits. That is why Oyster Extract is a food supplement, and not necessarily a vitamin supplement.

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Please visit our OY-EX website!


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