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Blow Molding

Blow MoldingFrom setup and custom design, to high volume production runs. San-Ai offers high quality and excellent value products.

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Custom Plastic Extruded Production

Custom Plastic Extruded ProductionSan-Ai offers unlimited options for extruded rail type products, for your existing applications, or for new designs and formats.

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Injection Molding (From design to delivery)

Injection MoldingUtilizing the most advanced machinery in the world, San-Ai offers varying size machines, for your custom small to mid-size complex parts requirements.

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Plastic Packaging Film (Product and food grade quality)

Plastic Packaging FilmHigh quality and value priced packing film. San-Ai provides both generic and custom labeled film, for your fresh produce packaging requirements.

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Vacuum Molding (From design to delivery)

Vacuum MoldingOur Vacuum Molding products are unique, with Anti-Static capabilities, as well as Electric Conductive processes. This coupled with our superior transparency, sets our Vacuum Molded products apart...

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Plastic Sheeting Material

Plastic Sheeting MaterialFrom hard plastics, to vacuum packing plastics for your food service applications, San-Ai offers plastics for all of your industrial or wholesale needs.

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