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Extruded Plastic Products

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Extrusion molding is the method employed to form thermoplastic materials into continuous sheeting, film, tubes, rods, profile shapes, and filaments, and to coat wire, cable and cord.

In extrusion, dry plastic material is first loaded into a hopper, then fed into a long heating chamber through which it is moved by the action of a continuously revolving screw. At the end of the heating chamber the molten plastic is forced out through a small opening or die with the shape desired in the finished product. As the plastic extrusion comes from the die, it is fed onto a conveyor belt where it is cooled, most frequently by blowers or by immersion in water.

In the case of wire and cable coating, the thermoplastic is extruded around a continuing length of wire or cable which, like the plastic, passes through the extruder die. The coated wire is wound on drums after cooling.

In the production of wide film or sheeting, the plastic is extruded in the form of a tube. This tube may be split as it comes from the die and then stretched and thinned to the dimensions desired in the finished film.

In a different process, the extruded tubing is inflated as it comes from the die, the degree of inflation of the tubing regulating the thickness of the final film.

Extruded Plastic Products

San-Ai USA has an extensive catalog of Price Rail and Point of Purchase display products, designed and manufactured in our factory, and available for immediate purchase.

If you are interested in a custom application, our engineers are available for consultation and samples can be created to meet your pre-bid requirements.

Contact us for more details, as each application may vary specific to current price rails in place, or shelf design and location in your retail establishment.

Extruded Plastic ProductsExtruded Plastic Products

Extruded Plastic Products


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