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Non-Woven Absorbing Materials

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San-Ai USA is excited to introduce a brand-new way to market and develop your in-room fragrance type deodorizers for consumer usage in North America!

We believe non-woven materials can open totally new market niches. Initial product research shows very strong end user ratings, and price points will allow competitive positioning, with proprietary and patented processes to protect initial entry investments or easy adaptation to your existing liquid deodorizer delivery systems.

Whether you are designing a totally new product delivery system or for use with your existing Room Deodorizing Packaging; our Exclusive Non-Woven materials may be worth further consideration for future sales and marketing projects.

Fragrance Dispensing Systems...using Non-Woven Materials!
Fragrance Dispensing Systems...using Non-Woven Materials! Fragrance Dispensing Systems Fragrance Dispensing Systems




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