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Produce Wrapping Machine

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 Automatic Produce WRAPPING Equipment.

Perfectly wrapped Lettuce!!
Also great for packing Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Cabbage, Peppers and more!!


San-Ai USA is pleased to offer for the first time to the North American marketplace, our patented and proven Automatic Produce WRAPPING Equipment.

Our unique Automatic Shape Sensor technology detects the subtle differences in the individual produce commodity shape and size. The equipment applies just enough plastic film pressure to wrap the produce, without causing any bruising. The final result!! Perfectly wrapped produce ready for transport to wholesale or retail users!! Every time!!

lettuce lettuce lettuce

Reduce shrink and extend shelf life!!


Lettuce Wrapping Film
Lettuce Wrapping Film:
Packaged produce is ready for final shipping, to wholesale or retail customers.

Automatic Produce Wrapping System
Automatic Produce Wrapping System:
Offering from 500 pieces per hour,
up to 800 pieces per hours with
full automation capability.

Commercial Capacity Commercial Capacity:
Film is available in bulk quantity, for high production requirements.

On-Site Demonstrations

On-Site Demonstrations

Automatic Produce Wrapping Machines
Automatic Produce
Wrapping Machines:

Compact and portable, with 650+ pieces per hour capability.

Automatic Conveyor System Automatic Conveyor System
Automatic Conveyor System:
(Optional) Conveyor System provides quick and efficient offloading of wrapped lettuce to sorting/box packing table.

Maximum User Safety
Maximum User Safety:
Computerized infrared beams provide auto shutoff and failsafe operation, for maximum user safety.

On-Site Demonstrations

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Model NV-652
Overall Length 1280mm (50.39inches)
Width 810mm (32.28inches)
Height 910mm (35.82inches)
Weight 170kg (374lbs.)
Power Source AC 120V
Power Consumption 600W
Wrapping Capacity 700 (+-) pieces per hour.
Produce Wrapping Type Lettuce, Cabbage, Cauliflower, etc.
Wrappable Dimensions Less than 220 mm x 200 mm (8 inch x 9 inch)
Film Material Polypropylene, Polystyrene
Film Thickness .015 mm thickness
Film Shape Circumference (1000 mm/ 40 inches)
Film Width Free from 400 mm to 650 mm
Film Cut Length Free from 470 mm to 630 mm
Accessories Air Hose (1@ 4-meter-length) (13 feet)
Equipment Required (Not Included) Air compressor (greater than 1.5kw)


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