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Environmental Impacts

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Environmental Impacts

As mentioned on previous pages of our website, the Eco-Cup combines the convenience of the Stir-Stick into the existing Coffee Cup. And our Eco-Server combines the convenience of the Sweetener and the Cream into one package.

The elimination of perhaps 50% of the waste associated with the current serving systems available on the international market is what drives our discussion of this subject.

If we consider the overall enormity of just the packaging side of the Fast Food Industry, even small changes and reductions in packaging can have huge effects upon the use of wood and paper products as well as the need for more and more petrochemical based items.

Significant reductions have been achieved over the past few decades in the usage and elimination of Styrofoam's, heavy cardboards and non-degradable plastics in the condiment packaging industry.

At San-Ai Corporation, we believe that even more improvements can be done!

By utilizing the newest resins, which offer total biodegradability as well as lower overall use of materials, the reductions by using our Eco-Cup products are obvious.

・ Less Waste

・ Lower Overall Cost

・ More Positive End User Acceptance!!

Environmental Impacts



We would like to emphasize, that San-Ai Corporation believes that our natural resources can be used and harvested, with good forestry and environmental practices. We support reforestation and pollution free processes, in the pursuit of such goals. But we also believe that the 21st century and beyond offer even more technological advances and improvements, for our society as a whole. We will continue to strive as a company, to equally balance both of these goals.

・ Continued usage of Plastic and Paper based condiment packaging

・ Environmentally Friendly concepts and designs


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