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San-Ai Dental Pro Products offer unique cleaning technology.

San-Ai Dental Pro Toothbrush

San-Ai Dental Pro Toothbrush

Ultra Slim Bristles offer precise cleaning of teeth. Unlike typical bristles which are round and flat, Ultra Slim Bristles offer pointed tips, which clean more deeply and efficiently, but are totally safe to your teethfs natural protective enamel.
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San-Ai Dental Pro Tongue Brush

San-Ai Dental Pro Tongue Brush

Offering Ultra Soft Tipped Bristles, an ergonomically shaped handle and the perfect size for all types of mouths, the San-Ai Tongue Brush is a perfect solution for the least commonly cleaned body-part in our mouth, the Tongue. Regular cleaning of the tongue leads to better overall oral hygiene as well as fresher and cleaner smelling breath.
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San-Ai Dental Pro Interdental Brush

San-Ai Dental Pro Interdental Brush

San-Ai is pleased to introduce our high quality line of Dental Oral Hygiene products, with various sizes, shapes and designs, for every possible application you may require.
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Packaged for Dentist and Dental Hygienist applications as well:

San-Ai is seeking established Dental Supply Distributors in the USA and North American marketplace for a collaborative effort release. Contact us for more information, product details and samples.


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