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Bag Taper "Ninja"

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Bag Taper Ninja
Bag Taper Ninja Bag Taper Ninja Bag Taper Ninja
Ninjafs mechanism folds back the side edge of the tape automatically.
This nonadherent area is for removing the tape easily. Bag Taper Ninja

Very easy 2 steps to complete the taping and creates Easy-Open tape!
Insert the bag into the dispenser slot.
Tape, close, and cut automatically.
The side edge of the tape will be automatically folded and become Easy-Open tape!
2.Trim the excess bag with the Bag Cutter located just below. Smooth operation.


Description Bag Taper "Ninja"
Item Number FET-SBB12-50
Operation Hand-operated
Dimensions W 3.4h x L 10.2h x H 6.9h
(86mm x 260mm x 175mm)
Gross Weight 2.7 lb (1.2kg)
Consumables Tape cutter, Bag cutter
Description Easy-Open Tape
Item Number FET-TP12-50G (green tape)
FET-TP12-50R (red tape)
FET-TP12-50Y (yellow tape)
Dimensions W 0.5" x L 55 yd (12 m x 50m)
Case 10 Rolls per case


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